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Artist loves innovation Through Art

Artist loves innovation Through Art

Art Statement

Technology has made a fundamental impact in culture and economies worldwide. The constant exchange of information promises continued global cultural adaptations to new ideas, creating the space for new inclusive forms of artistic expressions based on broader socio-cultural communities. My artwork uses algorithms and digital technologies to reflect the relationship between human and machine, analyzing human apprehension towards new technologies and the process of emotional and intellectual adaptations and perceptions. I incorporate cutting edge innovations like artificial intelligence into my work in order to present a new narrative about conventional uses of technology. I am fascinated by the legacy of traditional practices such as woodworking and love to re-envision their applications in regards to aesthetics by creating futuristic and minimalistic, organic interfaces.

What I Do

New media artist loves innovation, adventure

+ pushing the culture forward 

+ Develop my own  Software and Hardware for my Artwork

& Experience

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