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Artist loves innovation Through Art

Artist loves innovation Through Art

Art Statement

Within the current paradigm of ubiquitous technology, the human experience undergoes a profound metamorphosis; cultures and economies, once tethered to the physical world, now resonate in a global chorus. Information, an infinite current, erodes the boundaries that once separated us, weaving a rich tapestry of interconnectedness. This fertile ground becomes a crucible for questioning the fundamental narratives that have shaped our understanding of self and society.

From this fertile soil, my art blossoms. Not a mere chronicler, I invite viewers on an immersive exploration that compels a deeper participation. Through a dynamic interplay of light, sound, and an aesthetically orchestrated environment, I create transient installations that mirror the ever-shifting digital realm. These evoke a spectrum of emotions, igniting a critical dialogue about the human condition within this evolving landscape.

My artwork transcends into an immersive epistemological inquiry. In this paradigm, we are actively reauthoring the very narrative of our existence. By fostering a communion of inquiry, art compels us to grapple with the fundamental questions that define our existence in the face of technological transformation. It becomes a catalyst for self-reflection, illuminating the complexities of our relationship with the evolving world and prompting a re-evaluation of the narratives that shape our understanding of ourselves and society.

What I Do

New media artist loves innovation, adventure

+ pushing the culture forward 

+ Develop my own  Software and Hardware for my Artwork

& Experience

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